Sport Business Management

You will have gained a number of management skills and competencies through studying for your degree, a lot of these skills are transferable to a number of jobs. The themes running through your SBM course have been: 

  • functional management – including marketing, finance, human resources, facilities, events and sports development 
  • business strategy and enterprise 
  • professional practice – including a work placement 
  • research - in academia, governing bodies, 'think tanks', charities

These are all highly transferable skills and can lead to a management role in any sector. As well as these specific skills and competencies you will also have developed a number of generic employability skills such as team working, communication skills (presentations 1:1 telephone e mail) IT and problem solving skills 

Your course has taught you technical skills, and the practical assignments and placements you have done have given you valuable hands-on experiences in public, private and voluntary sector environments.

Typical employers/roles

Facilities Management

  • Leisure Centres (public- private) eg SIV, Virgin Active)
  • Gyms eg Nuffield Health
  • Sports Venues eg EIS
  • The hospitality sector

Sports Development 

  • National Governing Bodies (eg GB Boxing)
  • Professional/Amateur Sports Clubs Associations (eg Sheffield United/Wednesday FC)
  • Region/City/ Town (eg West Yorkshire Sports Development)

Sports Events

  • Olympic Games to Sheffield Half Marathon
  • Sports Event organisations

All of the organisations mentioned will look for and need people who have expertise in HR, Accounts, ICT , Marketing and general managerial skills so you would need to decide which of the above areas is of greatest interest to you . Other options could include:

  • Sports Retail (eg Decathlon)
  • Sports Media (eg SKY)
  • Sports Fashion/Accessories (eg Adidas)
  • Sports Research


Self-employment is possible, and after gaining experience, some graduates establish sports consultancy businesses or set up sports camps or training centres. You can find out more information and the support available to you by visiting the following link:

Other Options

Whilst the focus of your degree has been from a Sport perspective, the skills and knowledge that you have acquired can be used in any business environment. You may want to become more specialised in a business role by taking industry accredited accountancy, HR or marketing qualifications for example or look towards applying for Graduate Schemes which are available across all sectors (inc Sport) and most of whom look for students with business backgrounds and have prior knowledge of commercial awareness .

Sport Business Students have also found opportunities with event management companies, producing festivals, concerts, exhibitions and corporate or private parties and also with leisure management consultancies, providing advice to the public and private sector on how best to manage their sports and leisure facilities. 

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