Sociology explores people’s actions and beliefs and how society and culture influence these. Throughout your degree you will have gained insight into key issues in society including education, race, social inequality (social class, gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality), work, employment, crime and deviance. The combination of knowledge, skills and work experience gained from your degree can make you attractive to future employers. However it is essential to ensure that you can identify and evidence these attributes when applying for jobs. Your degree is unique to you, due to your own experiences, combination of modules and research projects. Take time to consider what you have personally gained from your degree and how you have developed as a person.


A graduate in sociology typically will possess:

    • knowledge and understanding - depending on modules chosen, this could include crime and the media, changing societies, globalisation and identity. You can identify how these areas affect daily life, the work place and your chosen industry of employment
    • research skills - competence in both qualitative and quantitative research, using primary and secondary sources is highly valued by employers, gained through a range of modules including your dissertation
    • work experience - the Sociology course at Sheffield Hallam includes an element of work experience such as a placement or project management module. Consider what skills and insight you have gained from this experience and from other jobs and volunteering opportunities you have been involved in
    • analysis skills - enabling you to critically analyse data and assess its accuracy and validity
    • teamwork skills - enabling you to collaborate with others and work towards a common goal, despite differing views and political opinions
    • effective communication skills - including constructing a logical argument and communicating information clearly and persuasively, developed through essays, reports, presentations and group work
    • information gathering - including the ability to gather, synthesise and present information in a clear way, appropriate for your audience
    • problem solving - the ability to identify problems in current practice and policies, analyse the problem and formulate potential solutions 
    • IT skills - consider the computer packages used throughout your degree including use of SPSS, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

    Prospects also gives a brief but effective summary of the strengths, attributes and skills that can be cultivated through sociology and related programmes of study.

    Career Options

    Sociology graduates pursue careers or study in a broad range of sectors, the most common being social welfare, research and education. Within six months of graduating 92% of 2016/17 Sociology graduates in the UK were in employment or study,  with 25% in further study only. 59% were in high skill employment or study. Options for sociology graduates are wide ranging and individuals you can go onto work in a variety of sectors, depending on you own interests and skill set. A significant number of sociology graduates go on to further study to develop their research skills further or gain professional qualifications in areas such as social work, human resources or teaching.

    A number of common sectors are listed below, including links to job profiles giving details of potential job roles, entry requirements and job search sources. However, remember that a high percentage of graduate jobs are open to students with any degree, so this list is just a starting point.

    Social Welfare

    Education and Research

    Public Sector and Third Sector


    Destinations of Sheffield Hallam Sociology graduates

    Private sector roles:

    • Research Executive at Mintel
    • Retail Supervisor at Radley
    • Marketing Executive at RCN Publishing 
    • Store Trainer at Sainsburys
    • Personnel Assistant at Morrisons
    • Disability Support Worker at Flexible Support Options
    • Trainee Manager at Enterprise-Rent-a-Car
    • Trainee Buyer at Nissan

    Public sector and voluntary sector:

    • Substance Misuse Worker at Phoenix Futures
    • Market Research Assistant at Sheffield Hallam University
    • Primary School Teacher at Corsham Primary School
    • Information Officer at Lincolnshire County Council
    • Project Worker at Rotherham Women's Refuge
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