Residencies and Competitions in Metalwork and Jewellery


There are many different kinds of artists’ or craft worker residencies. A residency is a place where an artist can concentrate on his or her practice for a specified period of time. Craft workers are usually provided with studio and occasionally, living space. It is usual for other resident artists to be based in the same location. 

The type of residencies available can vary:

  • Resident artists are charged for their working space and (if applicable) accommodation.
  • The residency is offered free of charge - living costs are the resident artist's responsibility.
  • The artist will be required to perform a service, such as teaching community or children's classes, being available to the public to talk about his or her work. 
  • Submit work for an exhibition at the end of the residency or donate a piece of work.

Residency opportunities can be found on the following websites:

National / International                                                            

Local / Regional


Getting involved in regional, national and international competitions is another excellent way of ensuring that your work is regularly viewed by the wider art community. Social networking will ensure that you are fully briefed on dates and entry details for competitions. For further information visit the following sites:

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