Politics and Applied Social Science

Politics and Applied Social Science aims to address the question of how we organise the societies in which we live. Throughout your degree you will have gained knowledge of different political systems and the ability to interpret political issues and events. The combination of knowledge, skills and work experience gained from your degree can make you attractive to future employers, but it is essential to ensure you can identify and evidence these attributes. Your degree is unique to you, due to your own experiences and combination of modules and research projects. Take time to consider what you have personally gained from your degree and how you have developed as a person.


Politics and Applied Social Science graduates typically possess skills in:

  • Practical knowledge and understanding - depending on modules chosen, this could include European politics, international political economy, terrorism, the media or policy making. You can identify how these areas affect daily life, the work place and your chosen industry of employment
  • Work experience - all Politics students at Sheffield Hallam will have undertaken an element of work experience such as a placement or project management module, before graduating. Consider what skills and insight you have gained from this experience and from other jobs and volunteering opportunities you have been involved in
  • Effective communication skills - including constructing a logical argument and communicating information clearly and persuasively, developed through essays, reports, presentations and group work
  • Research skills - competence in both qualitative and quantitative research, using primary and secondary sources is highly valued by employers, gained through a range of modules including your dissertation
  • Analysis skills - enabling you to critically analyse information and assess its accuracy and validity
  • Global thinking - you may have taken the opportunity to study abroad through your degree, studied international relations or learnt a language. These perspectives are valued by employers in our increasingly globalised society
  • Problem solving - the ability to identify problems in current practice and political structures, analyse the problem and formulate a solution
  • Teamwork skills - enabling you to collaborate with others and work towards a common goal, despite holding differing views and political opinions
  • IT skills - consider the computer packages used throughout your degree including use of SPSS, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint

Career Options

Politics and social science graduates work in a broad range of sectors depending on their interests and skills. These include national and local government, public administration, media and journalism, business, education and the voluntary sector. Six months after graduating 44% of  2012/13 Politics graduates in the UK were in full time work, 11% were working part time with 19% in further study or training. The average starting salary for Politics graduates is higher than for graduates of other social sciences, although this varies with profession and industry.  A significant number of politics graduates also go on to further study to develop specialised knowledge or skills in areas such as journalism, accountancy or teaching. You can find detailed job profiles for the following examples on sites such as Prospects or the National Careers Service.

Government and Public Sector

Think Tanks, Third Sector and Trade Unions

Media and Journalism

Business and Finance

Education and Research

For more information about building experience and finding employment, use the Finding and applying for jobs related to politics and finding a job sections.

Destinations of Previous Sheffield Hallam Graduates

  • Junior Associate at CIVITAS (Institute for the Study of Civil Society)
  • Trainee Accountant at Deloitte
  • Business Manager at Barclaycard 
  • Policy Researcher and Analyst with EUK Consulting 
  • Democracy and Representation Administrator at Middlesex University Students' Union
  • HR Fast Streamer with the Civil Service
  • Political Reporter with Jesmond Local Newspaper
  • Senior Training Consultant with Fluent Futures


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