Marketing is an exciting, dynamic sector with a wide variety of opportunities in advertising, PR, market research and analysis, and branding.  The main aim is to promote and sell products and services, whilst constantly adapting to changes in technology and consumer habits. Personalised and digital marketing are now a key method of engaging with consumers. 

It may be helpful to reflect on the competencies expected of you within the marketing profession. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has a framework of  Marketing Professional Competencies, which includes the following:

  • Brand
  • Integrated Marketing Comms
  • Digital Integration
  • Product Management
  • Monitoring and measuring effectiveness
  • Customer Experience
  • Partnership Marketing                                                           

Prospects provides a useful overview of the roles, opportunities and skills sought across a broad range of Marketing roles.

Job Descriptions

According to Prospects graduates from marketing courses often work in the following fields

  • Marketing executive 
  • Market researcher  
  • Public relations account executive 
  • Public relations officer  
  • Advertising account executive 
  • Sales promotion account executive   
  • Event organiser 
  • Media planner  

Career Options 

In addition to the profiles on the Prospects site there are various sources of information regarding marketing roles.  The Chartered Institute of Marketing has a dedicated careers section getin2marketing which incorporates a range of job profiles and includes a database of related graduate schemes and placements.  

In the Target Jobs Marketing Section you will find a useful insight in to the various Marketing and Advertising roles available, as well as internship/placement and graduate-level positions to apply for. 

Additional sources of Marketing vacancies:

Some sites have job vacancy listings and also a 'directory of members' which can prove to be effective sources of information on companies to whom you may want to target a speculative application. Using trade journals and professional associations can help you keep up to date with current issues in the industry, something that is highly valuable when you are preparing for applications and interviews.  you will need to show an awareness of different brands and campaigns, and may well be asked about this at interview. You can find lists such as the Top 100 Power Marketers and the Top 50 Advertising and Marketing Agencies, which will give you a real flavour of the the organisations making an impact.  

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