Becoming a Freelance / Self-Employed Photographer

The photo imaging industry is made up of nearly 14,000 companies, almost half of which are sole trading or freelance photographers. Across the industry as a whole, around 90% of companies employ five people or fewer.  [Source: Prospects / Creative Skillset 2013]

As a freelance worker you will be required to work to very tight schedules and deadlines, and know how to pitch effectively for possess effectively for projects. Websites such as People per Hour allow individuals (including students) to register for freelance work. 

If you are keen to develop your own freelance project and would like to learn more on how to develop your idea, then why not contact the Enterprise Team here at Sheffield Hallam University. They will provide you with lots of free professional advice on a range of topics including developing a plan  to make money and where to find start-up grants. This facility is available to students up to five years after graduation. Office space is located in the Workstation.

Nesta is a UK innovation foundation. It helps individuals and organisations develop ideas through the provision of investments and grants as well as offering other forms of support. The Princes Trust also provides support and funding opportunities to young people between the ages 18 -30 who are keen to develop their own creative/business ideas. The own-it website provides useful advice and information on intellectual property rights for creative practitioners.

The Bureau of Freelance Photographers helps aspiring freelance photographers to sell their pictures to editorial markets.

Being self-employed makes it essential that you network and promote your work (and yourself) as much as possible. Advice on managing your professional online presence can be found in the Social Media section and more information about self-employment can be found on the Self-Employment page.


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