The Hallam Internship Scheme 2018

What is The Hallam Internship Scheme?

The University is offering a funded internship scheme, to support Sheffield Hallam University students wanting to gain quality work experience to support employability after graduation. You will have the chance to apply for over 200 internships offered by employers on UniHub. Alternatively, you can apply for funding for unpaid work experience that you have found yourself.

  • SHU internships will provide a bursary of £1200 for 150 hours of work.
  • Internships can be carried out either full-time or part-time and must be UK based.
  • This internship funding must not be used as part of an accredited placement linked to your study. e.g sandwich placement

Who can apply?

  • You must be a student or recent graduate (2018) from Sheffield Hallam University.You must be able to commit to the timeline outlined below.
  • You must be able to confirm you are legally entitled to work in the UK during the time of your internship and can produce ID/VISA/Passport to demonstrate this.

Note: if you are an international student, you are advised to check the International Office’s immigration pages for further advice regarding work restrictions on your visa, particularly noting whether you can work longer than 20 hours per week during vacation.


  1. Find your own Internship - Apply for £1200 bursary for a minimum of 150 hours towards work you have found yourself. Learn more and apply with The Hallam Internship Scheme form.  Deadline to apply, 27th May 2018.
  2. Employer advertised internships -  Apply for roles that provide a minimum £1200 bursary for 150 hours, opportunities will be available on UniHub from 30th April 2018.
  3. Start-up bursary scheme - if you are interested in becoming self-employed, you can apply for the Hallam Graduate Start-up Scheme. The support package includes a £1200 bursary, individual business advice, a programme of start-up workshops and free access to our Hatchery incubator office and/or creative space.
    Find out more and apply via Hallam Graduate Start-up Scheme. The deadline for application submissions is 3rd June 2018.
    For more general information on the Enterprise Team's self-employment support for students and graduates, come along to one of our weekly Wednesday info sessions at 5pm in the Careers and Employability Centre. There is no need to book.


Find your own Internship

March 13th   - 27th May 2018

Open for students  to apply
4th June  - 10th June 2018 Approval of applications
25th June - 29th  June 2018 Attend a preparation workshop "How to make the most of your Internship" and sign paperwork and provide documents
June - Sept 2018

Internships carried out

Employer advertised Internships

30th April  - 27th May 2018 Roles open for students to apply for Internships
28th May -  22nd June 2018 Shortlisting, selection and recruitment
25th June - 29th  June  2018 Attend a preparation workshop "How to make the most of your Internship" and sign paperwork and provide documents
June - Sept 2018 Internships carried out

Hallam Graduate Start-up Scheme

23rd April 23rd - 3rd June 2018 Roles open for students to apply for Hallam Graduate Start-up Scheme
4th June - 8th June 2018 Shortlisting of applicants
11th - 15th June 2018 Shortlisted candidates' interviews
20th June 2018 Successful candidates induction

All internship hours to be completed by 30th Sept 2018 except for Hallam Graduate Start-up Scheme.

How to get involved

Seek advice from the Careers and Employability Service.  

Approach employers you want to work for and source your own internship.  If your employer would like further guidance they can contact The Hallam Internship Scheme team on 0114 225 3433. Alternatively, email their enquiry to

For more information on the Start-up Internships, phone the Enterprise Team on 0114 225 3131 or email

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